William Roberts and Carol Alberts is TwoBerts LLC

We formed TwoBerts LLC in 2010 and it has changed our lives!

From Ohio to the Caribbean and back to Florida, we have had great support, life-changing adventures and amazing opportunities in entrepreneurship. The wonderful people we’ve connected with along the way have all played a part in helping us to hone our product. Our downtown destination coffee shop and craft beer bar in Grove City, Ohio was where we first developed our passion for coffee. It was there we learned the value of listening to our customers and connecting with the community. Our time on St. Croix, USVI taught us about overcoming challenges. We’ve combined our real-world experience in the coffee industry to be the quality leader we know our clientele desire. You’ll taste the difference and love it.

finca la fortuna logoRosane Pires and Finca La Fortuna

Originally from the Treasure Coast of Florida, Rosane Pires had always wanted to have a coffee farm in Columbia. After years of hard work, she finally made it happen! Mz. Perky’s is proud to import her product of richly grown coffee beans and use it in our blend. These days Rosane travels back and forth between Columbia and the Treasure Coast, as she still has family here. We are delighted to be her partner. To learn more about Finca La Fortuna, check our their Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/fincalafortunacolombia/

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That’s us on the home page of the Indian River State College website!

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